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Some Columbia residents are at higher risk of negative health effects from pollution — just based on where they live.

We started doing grassroots organizing work in the Vision Zero neighborhoods a few years ago. These are neighborhoods we identified as having the city's highest rates of people of color, low-income families, and households without vehicles.

Our current transportation system places people in these neighborhoods at high risk of death or serious injury from traffic crashes based only on where they live. Folks in these areas often rely on walking, biking, and transit to get where they need to go and are forced to crisscross high-speed roads more frequently.

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We’ve been doing some research and number crunching and found that not only are these folks at high risk from traffic crashes, but they're also exposed to some of the city's highest rates of air pollution. Because of this research, Local Motion was awarded a grant from the EPA to work with affected community members to find a solution.

We want to 1) create a more civically engaged community, 2) grow marginalized groups' access to community resources, 3) and improve our local environment by changing transportation infrastructure and policies.

These goals will ultimately improve air quality longer-term by shifting trips away from personal vehicles and to walking, biking, and transit.

We know this project can have a huge impact on our community, but we need your help. We need to raise an additional $7,000 to break even. We do have some grant funding, but it doesn’t cover our full costs.

Would you help us close our funding gap? Our advocacy depends on the passion and generosity of people like you. Your gift will help us continue our work in the community.


Your gift will help us cover the gap in funding and continue our advocacy efforts in the community. 

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