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We're addressing distracted driving in Missouri.

There are only two states left that still allow texting while driving, and Missouri is one of them. In 2020, we created a coalition to push for state-level distracted driving legislation, and it now includes major partners like General Motors, AAA, MoDOT, and Columbia Police Department. Most importantly, it includes people whose lives have been forever changed by the tragic results of distracted driving, like Adrienne Siddens. Adrienne’s husband Randall was killed in 2019 while helping with the TriZou triathlon. Randall was hit by a person driving 68 mph while on FaceTime

The distracted driving coalition has become more effective than we ever hoped for. We’ve been told that we’ve made more progress in the last two years than all the advocacy around distracted driving over the last decade.

And right now we are really close.

Witnesses who testified for Senate distracted driving bill
Witnesses who testified for Senate distracted driving bill

Senator Razer’s distracted driving bill has passed out of committee, and we believe it will go to the Senate floor. This is the furthest any distracted driving bill has gone in Missouri. And we just got the news that on the House side, Representative Porter’s bill was referred to committee and will have a hearing.

Even though we’ve been leading this coalition for more than two years, all of this work is unfunded. We launched the coalition because distracted driving kills and seriously injures people walking, biking, and riding transit. But we have no grants, contracts, or dedicated funding for this work. 

Support our distracted driving advocacy. Your gift will help us get this legislation across the finish line.


Your gift will help get us get this legislation across the finish line.

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