Board of Directors

Local Motion is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a governing board.

Expectations of a board member

Each individual Local Motion Board member is expected to:

  1. Know the organization’s mission, policy positions, programs, and needs
  2. Faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements
  3. Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for Local Motion and fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Local Motion to advance its mission
  4. Leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve Local Motion’s mission
  5. Help identify connections that can benefit Local Motion’s fundraising and reputational standing, and can influence policy
  6. Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in monthly, one hour, Board meetings. Virtually or in-person
  7. Participate fully in one or more committees (1-3 hour commitment per month)
  8. Follow Local Motion bylaws, policies, and Board resolutions
  9. Maintain confidentiality about all internal matters of Local Motion
  10. Sign an annual conflict-of-interest disclosure and update it during the year if necessary, as well as disclose potential conflicts before meetings and actual conflicts during meetings
  11. Actively engage in fundraising for Local Motion in whatever ways are best suited for you. This may include identifying prospective donors, assisting with donor cultivation and stewardship, direct membership or sponsorship solicitation, writing thank you notes, assisting with special events, and the like. You will make a good-faith effort to do your best and raise as much money as you can.
  12. Encourage and support the Local Motion staff
    Note: Board terms are two-year terms with the possibility to re-apply for two additional two-year terms, not to exceed a total of six years.


Local Motion is looking for qualified candidates to apply to our Board of Directors. Think that you might be a good fit for the position? Fill out the application to be considered.

About the Local Motion Board of Directors

As the highest leadership body of the organization and to satisfy its fiduciary duties, the Board is responsible for:

  1. Determining the mission and purpose of the organization
  2. Selecting and evaluating the performance of the CEO
  3. Providing strategic and organizational planning
  4. Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
  5. Fundraising and prospective donor development
  6. Approving and monitoring Local Motion’s policy positions, advocacy, and programs
  7. Enhancing Local Motion’s public image in the community
  8. Assessing its own performance as the governing body of Local Motion
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Current Board Members

Chuck Burgess


MU Counseling Center

1st term: Jan. 2023 - Dec. 2024

Jon Kruse


Schnuck's Grocery

1st term: Jan. 2023 - Dec. 2024

Jaclyn Benigno


Thompson Center

2nd term: Jan. 2023 - Dec. 2024

Frank Schmidt


Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission

2nd term: Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2025

Patricia Weisenfelder

Westminster College

2nd term: Jan. 2023 - Dec. 2024

Ashley Cooper

Watlow Manufacturing

1st term: Jan. 2023 - Dec. 2024

Jim Rothwell

1st term: Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2025

Lisa Varley

Eurofins Biopharmaceutical Product Testing

1st term: Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2025

Marlyn Whitney

1st term: Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2025

Jon Crisp

1st term: Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2025

Cody Yoder

Raytheon Technologies

1st term: Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2025


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Local Motion does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, or disability. 

For civil rights inquiries, contact the Local Motion CEO.
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